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We are Amy & Marlys


Just two doulas trying to make birth better

I'm the mama of three boys 6, 4, 1. My journey to becoming a doula began with my own pregnancies and births. I was lucky to have a supportive partner at my births but looking back, I still could have benefited from having a doula. I knew that this was the path for me when I started my current role with the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation and was involved in implementing their current on-call doula program. Since that time, I've had the privilege to attend some births at HCMC. Watching the relief in a laboring person's eyes when a doula walks into the room is a beautiful experience to witness. 

I want to provide this comfort and care to you during your birth and throught your pregnancy and postpartum journey. My goal is to provide a supportive, guiding presence for you and your family/partner, if they are present. Above all, I want you to know that regardless of how you ultimately meet your baby, you have just done something incredible.

Hi, I'm Marlys

As you can see from the picture to the right I am a wife to my very handsome husband as well as a mama to two amazing kids. 

It was through my pregnancy and births ( as well as 3 miscarriages )  that inspired me to pursue a path as a doula.  For the past 17 years I have worked as a professional photographer photographing every aspect of people's lives but when I became a mother I began to look at my family and especially my newborn parents differently.  I felt a deep sense of connection to them and wanted to do more than just capture it with my camera.  

Once I began learning and studying to become a doula I knew that I finally found the place where I was supposed to be.  A place where I could connect with people during one of the most amazing and hardest times of their lives.  To offer people the support and information that they need and to help make birth an experience that empowers women and shows them how amazing they are.  I would love to help you along the way and be by your side to meet your baby in the way that YOU want.

Hi, I'm Amy

Growing up I danced with the Milwaukee Ballet Company

Pancakes and Maple Syrup all the way!

Scrambled eggs and parmesan cheese.  My go to breakfast.

Professional Photographer
for over 15 years.
Photographing babies was
always my favorite!

Amy                            Marlys



— unknown

"with each new wave i am closer to meeting my baby.

our favorite birth mantra

This is a picture of us after our very first birth!  Marlys was the lead doula and called me in for backup.  It was incredible to be able to support the birthing mother together.


I love polaroid cameras!  The old look, the feel of a picture in your hands the moment you take it.  I have polaroids all over my house!


I am a certified scuba diver and have even dove with sharks!


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